Wednesday 20 January 2010

Show News

After another busy week here Andy and I went off to the Ragitime TICA show at Godmanchester on the Saturday only, two days just seemed too much!

So with a 4:30am start, not just the Sibs have to do their hair, Andy does too, only kidding it is me who takes forever to get ready in the morning. Since a child I have been allergic to them and the slowest person ever to get ready! We got there just before 9am after a warp speed drive down in the Scoob, and after a tour around the car park we went through to the show where we met up with friends and got the boys ready.

We took Paavo, Akiro and little Hendrix, and they all did really well. Here are there finals:

IW SGC Cooncreole Paavo
  • 2nd Best Allbreed Cat (count 51) Judge: Connie Webb
  • 3rd Best Allbreed Cat (count 54) Judge: Thomas Andersen
Alexandrite Akiro (6 months)
  • Best (1st) Longhair Kitten (count 17) Judge: Brigette Berthelon
  • 7th Best Allbreed Kitten (count 34) Judge: Connie Webb
  • 8th Best Allbreed Kitten (count 36) Judge: Don Caruthers
  • 8th Best Allbreed Kitten (count 36) Judge: Thomas Andersen
Alexandrite Hendrix (4 months)
  • 5th Best Allbreed Kitten (count 36) Judge: Martine Caillard
So it was a brilliant day for us and we had some great comments about the boys. They make us very proud.

We also saw little Alexandrite Argentia who now lives with Erica and Darren and Maisie, her big Sis. Even though Argentia didn't final this time she behaved and looked like a princess. It was lovely seeing her again and her new family, who spoil her rotten :-)

So we got home about 9pm at night, all very tired, and ready for a well earned curry and film!


  1. OK - so what kind of Curry did you give 'the boys'???

  2. Fudge loves curry, but not for the show boys. They had chicks :-) and I definitely don't fancy them in a curry, yuk!