Monday 13 June 2011

Kitten News

After making us have numerous sleepless nights listening for babies to arrive on the baby monitor, Fe finally had the babies yesterday. She was due last Wednesday so I was really stressed by Saturday!

She had 6 babies, a mixture of colours including one red boy who stands out in the litter! He is our first proper red and it makes me chuckle when I see him :-)

I will update with more news next weekend when the kittens are a bit older and mum won't be too stressed.

Our older kittens have all been to the vets for their first check and vaccination. All were very brave and back to scamping when they got home!

Andy and I went to the Siberian Cat Club AGM yesterday and it went well, the club is definitely moving in the right direction now and it was a great afternoon.


  1. Congrats...there's kittens popping out everywhere...happy all arrived safely X

  2. You sounds like you were as stressed as me - I was going to phone the vets tomorrow - they just like to bake some of them longer I think :) xxx congratulations - can't wait to see them, especially your red boy xx

  3. Congrats Jo! Glad she got there in the end! V stressful waiting all that time but I'm sure they are worth the wait. Looking forward to seeing pics especially of your red guy! xx M

  4. Thanks everyone. Yes, it was a very long wait. Very relieved all here and Fe ok :-) x

  5. I can't wait to see them Jo, I logged on first thing today to see if there are any photos on yet but no luck .... Phoenix Mishka has some wonderful kittens as I can testify judging by our adorable Danae (who sends her love!)

  6. Thanks Marina, I have uploaded some photos today so hope you like them :-) Yes Phoenix is a special boy and he does have some lovely babies x