Friday 8 June 2012

In Loving Memory of SGCA Alexandrite Azazeal aka Grumpy

 It is with a great sadness I write this blog, yesterday we said goodbye to Alexandrite Azazeal but to all his friends and family he was known as Grumpy. He was taken from us after losing his fight to cancer, one which he battled unbeknown to us as he never lost his happy go lucky nature.

Grumpy was always the clown and when everyone met him no-one could understand why we called him "Grumpy". The photo below explains it, this was one of his first photo shoots and we sent it to Maria with the subject "Spot the Grumpy Wingnut Baby" and from that day onwards he was always known as Grumpy.

Andy called Willows' first babies Wingnuts! Short for Willow's baby Nutters!

"Spot the Grumpy Wingnut Baby"

Little Grumpy
Little Grumpy, with his frown!
Little Grumpy, such a sweetie
Baby Wingnut Grumpy with his mum Willow
This is how we want to remember him, one of the most handsome Black Smoke Siberians we have ever had the pleasure to share our lives with. We all miss you so much Grumpy but know you aren't in pain anymore and you are playing with Kahlan, Dizzee and Marco watching over us, eating your crisps (dried leaves) and being your loveable silly self.

Never stop purring Grumpy and watch out for us when we meet again.

Love you always mum and dad xxxx 



  1. Jo and Andy - I can't believe that Grumpy is gone. So so sad, and I can only imagine how you are feeling right now. He'll be all around you, and you have the wonderful memories - but far too young - we send you our love and our sympathies - from the heart - Lesley & David xxx

  2. So sorry both of you - I know how much he was loved by you both

    D xx

  3. Goodnight and God bless Grumpy. So pleased we spent some precious time with you. Sleep tight . Michelle and Simon x x

  4. So sorry for your loss - hope his memory will soon bring a smile to your faces, as his life did.

  5. So sorry Jo. He was a fabulous guy and his memory will alway be treasured. xx

  6. Thank you both, he has left a big hole in our hearts xx