Saturday 29 September 2012

Fe's Kitten Niko Update

Emily sent me some photos and an update on how Niko was settling in his new home.

This is what she wrote...

"He is doing excellent. he's so cute and is developing the most wonderful personality. He really is a true Siberian, especially the water loving part, he decided to join me for a shower the other night, he just casually walked in a sat down. I couldn't believe it.

He loves his fuss, I've had to keep him out of my room as he decides to pounce on me in the middle of the night, resulting in me being woken up, so when I go to bed and close the door he will stand outside crying until either mum or dad come and give him a cuddle and let him into their room.

I can't begin to thank you and Andy enough for being such amazing breeders. I couldn't have asked for a better, cuter kitten. He has settled in well and i couldn't imagine life with out him now."

Thank you to Emily and her family for looking after Niko. Emily's email makes us feel so proud of him.

It's hard to believe but we still have Niko's brother Blaze looking for his forever home. He is a lovely Red Silver and White similar to Niko and also has a very sweet personality too.

Please contact if you think you would love a Siberian like Niko to join your home.

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