Friday 8 March 2013

Another Surprise From Mojo!!

On Monday our surprise litter arrived from Mojo and with it some more surprises!!

I think Mojo enjoys surprising us ;)

Mojo had her first kitten a Brown Tabby Boy, no surprise there what we were expecting, and then followed up with 3 Lynx Point Siberian Kittens.

We have 2 Lynx Point Boys and 1 Girl. All very exciting. We don't test for Lynx/Colour Point carriers we prefer surprises!

Sorry the first photo is a bit gory this was literally minutes after the last kitten arrived. Mojo did really well and all kittens are being looked after and are all excellent weights. The last 2 photos were taken on Tuesday all washed and shiny.

All kittens are being evaluated and will be made available to the families on the waiting list first. This is another Paavo litter so we are expecting them to have his laid back nature and Mojos sweetness. Yay to Baby Potsters!!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats Jo! What a lovely surprise! Can't wait to see them grow. They'll be stunners for sure. xx