Wednesday 10 April 2013

Kitten Update

All kittens are doing well and mums are doing an amazing job as always. Even though we are in 8th year this year I still love watching the kittens develop and seeing their personalities grow from week to week.

I am now in the process of contacting families on the waiting list. And over the next few weeks I will post photos of any kittens we have available.

I think it's important at this point to just reiterate that we only breed responsibly and are always planning the next generation to take forward the Alexandrite Siberians breeding programme. This means that we will have pet kittens available and sometimes our plans don't always go right and litters arrive closely together. This is only possible because we have a house with plenty of space and currently more time to spend with each litter. I only ever take names on the waiting list once I know kittens are due and I only ever take 2-3 names for each litter. We have as diverse a genetic breeding programme as we can and we always check in-breeding ratios before matings occur.

The waiting list is currently suspended while I contact the families on the list. I would rather have kittens available in few weeks than anyone be disappointed. If you think you would love to be owned by an Alexandrite Siberian Kitten then please email and please include any preferences. Once kittens become available I can then contact you with the details and lovely photos.

Andy took these just before Easter of Mojo's babies and I think it's a great one. All of Mojo's are reserved or under assessment.

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