Friday 2 January 2015

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! 

We were busy with all the usual family events at Christmas as well as organising kitten collections. Jomo's kittens have gone off to their new homes and are settling in. 

It's still very busy here and we decided to take a few days off emails so if you haven't heard back from us we will be catching up next week. There are a lot of emails to get through but we will get back to everyone it just might take a few days. 

We had quite a close call with arranging kitten collections recently as a result we will be introducing a Kitten Visit Information sheet. Please can we point out what might seem as something small to you, visiting a breeder's home with an infectious disease could have devastating repercussions for the breeder and their family of cats and kittens. We don't want full medical histories that's unreasonable and totally not what we are asking for but it is very important to make us aware of any conditions your existing pet is being treated for and there are some conditions which can be passed from humans to pets. The consequences for anyone breeding cats could be not only extremely costly but heartbreaking. We sometimes have younger kittens which aren't available for kitten visits but because all our kittens are raised indoor and socialised daily they are at risk to anything being brought into the our home. We also have an elderly Birman Fudge who is 15 this year and again he is at risk. On a personal note I had a thyroidectomy in 2006 as a result if there's a bug, cold, virus or stomach upset going around I pick it up and with another blood clotting issue I have I cannot take many medications so please for my sake and health if you are not well please rearrange any visits. 

Enough doom and gloom and to show off our beautiful kittens who will be ready to go mid February, here's a photo of Anuta's and Hendrix cheeky bunch of cute kittens. We didn't think Anuta had warmed to Hendrix when she visited him but clearly his charms had won out and to our surprise Anuta was pregnant. Anuta is a super mum and her kittens are very cute. There are 3 girls and 1 boy all Classic patterns like their parents. 

From left to right Silver (high tarnish) girl, Silver (high tarnish) girl, Blue boy and Brown girl. The two silver girls are under assessment at the moment and maybe available at a later stage. The blue boy and brown girl, who is very like Pippin so is called Pipsqueak are available first. We will have details of Prisca's kittens soon who are also ready to go end of February. Then a much needed rest for Andy and I!

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