Thursday 2 April 2015

Kitten News

Gosh where did March go?!

With the start of the year being so busy with kittens and kittens off to new homes we were in need of a much needed bit of quiet and time to rest. Looking after kittens and mums takes a lot of work so even though we missed the kittens it gave Andy and I chance to relax. We say relax but there are always things to do here. Andy has been very busy with his work and I'm now working on my own new adventure which was hindered when I came down with a rotten cold and sinus trouble. Therefore if you have tried to ring in the day we might not have picked up due to this. I've also either been too poorly to sort and reply to emails or been trying to catch up with my new venture so our apologies for not replying. We've also had no kittens so there hasn't been a lot to say.

Kitten News

We do expect kittens this month but haven't taken deposits yet as in the past both girls have had small litters and there's nothing worse than taking lots of deposits to then have to disappoint families waiting for kittens. So we wanted to wait until babies have arrived safely which won't be long now.

The Future...

We are still deciding what the future of Alexandrite Siberians will be and with this in mind we will be looking for homes for a few of our older breeding cats this year. We have had to face facts that I'm no better health wise and the stress and work that goes with breeding Siberians is often just contributing to my poor health and when I don't feel well all the time something that I used to love doesn't feel the same. That isn't to say I don't love the kittens it's just all the work and amount of time it takes. I used to be able to help with it all, raise kittens, look after them, emails, paperwork, showing, as well as a demanding high stress full time job but now I can't so we have to accept that. Therefore this year is a kinda break or make situation and depending on how it goes we will then decide what we do next year. Before the gossip mill goes into overdrive we have not yet stopped breeding Siberians. 

Adult Siberians

This week two of our girls have been spayed, Pantera, Silver and White (6 years old) and Meescha, Brown Tortie and White (3 years old). Pantera is very sweet and very talkative. Meescha is very shy and wouldn't suit a busy household with children. Both girls are recovering well and Pantera will be available first and Meescha at a later stage. Please email for more details or call 01270 569358 in an evening. 

Kitten Visits and Allergy Visits

We will only arrange kitten visits once we know which kittens are available and at the earliest after their first vaccine at 9-10 weeks of age. 

With regard to allergy visits these will only be arranged if we have kittens available after 14 weeks of age. To reduce risks to our cats we cannot at this time offer allergy sittings. We also have two other pet breeds here, Fudge our senior Birman, and Nog and Pepper, both American Curls so anyone with bad allergies or asthma will react. 

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