Wednesday 14 October 2015

Gem & Phoenix

UPDATE: Gem and Phoenix have now gone to lovely new home together and are being spoilt. We've had some fabulous photos of them settling in their new home. Lots of thanks to their new family xx

Updated November 18th 2015

We have two beautiful Siberians looking for their retirement home together. Gem and Phoenix are sweethearts and have been together since they were kittens. They are now both 7 years old and are ready for their retirement home and next adventure.

Gem is a gorgeous Seal Torbie Lynx Point and Phoenix is a handsome Golden Classic Tabby and White. They have been vet checked, neutered, microchipped and boosters done. Both are very sweet and loving. Gem is the most chatty and Phoenix loves giving you head butts, he is a gentle boy. This is where Akiro gets it from. They are the proud parents of Akiro, our handsome Show Star and first UK bred Siberian to achieve his TICA Lifetime Achievement Award.

We are not sure if they are suitable for allergy sufferers, if your allergy affects your breathing then probably not. Plus it would be hard on Gem and Phoenix to settle to then have to be return so please bear this in mind when contacting us. Please contact us at 01270569358, evenings or weekends; or email for more information or to visit.

This is Phoenix

This is Gem


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