Monday 13 April 2009

Alexandrite Macy

Some photos of Macy having a brilliant time in his new home and already helping out with jobs! The photos were taken the beginning of last month when he went to live with Stephanie and James.

Stephanie says...

He's very obedient, and loves being brushed. He's also been 'helping' me plant some herbs for my house (as you will see in the pics!) and in the garden. I have bought him a little harness which i attach to a lead (which is a little rope at the moment) so he can venture outside with me. He loves the guinea pigs and is very curious about the chickens, although he keeps his distance from them a little!

He's turning into a very handsome man - all my family have been over to see him, and i had to make sure that they hadn't slipped him into their bags when they left as they all thought he was heavenly! I also took him for a little trip to my office, where he was a big hit, and performed his little 'fetch' trick perfectly!

James is absolutely fine with him too! He rubbed Macy on his face last week and breathed in hard - and not so much as a sneeze! James works from home - and Macy always sits on his lap whilst he's on his laptop - like he is sitting on me now.

I love him to bits, he's the most affectionate cat i've ever known! If i can talk James into it - i might even get another in the future. I don't know why we never had a siberian before!!

Thank you Stephanie and James for looking after Macy, he looks like he is thoroughly enjoying himself x

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