Saturday 18 April 2009

Sad News about Alexandrite Jove

We had some very sad news this week, Alexandrite Jove was in a road accident and the vet tried to save him but they couldn't, he has now gone to play with Kahlan and Dizzee. Jove was a loveable rascal and I am sure he will be being a little rascal now with Kahlan and Dizzee.

Little Jove had gone to live with Su and Alex and another of our kittens Alexandrite Genevieve, we are so sorry for their loss but they gave him the best life and love they could, thank you.

For us as breeders there is always the dilemma to let the kittens go to new homes and then for them to be allowed out. We leave this decision to the people who adopt our kittens. Why do we do this? Because when we first got our loveable Fudge and Kahlan no restrictions were put on us whether we allowed them out or not. At the time we had had a lot of cats in the area going missing for what we believed was for the fur trade, shocking but true. So we made the decision to keep them in and we then added an outside pen and secured the garden. They loved the outside space and I am sure Fudge still misses his favourite conifer that he would sit beside for hours on end. Now that we have the Sibies, we of course can't let them out being entire boys and girls. Gosh I dread to think what sort of mess we would be in then, Cimus would definitely rule the neighbourhood! So our family have outside pens/space and they do love it, but a lot of our Siberians go to homes without outside space and they are very happy. Siberians are very adaptable so as long as they are loved an outside or indoor life is fine for them.

So with a great deal of sadness we say kisses and hugs to you Jove, thank you for being a rascal and giving us all a lot of love xxx

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  1. How very sad..I lost two moggies to the road at my last house, so now have outside runs.. but like you say its down to the owners...I recommend cat proofing the garden with fishing net like they do in Oz to my kitten adopters, cheaper than vets bills and no heartache...