Thursday 20 August 2009

Alexandrite Akiro & Alexandrite Georgina & Feather Toy!

Another one of Alexandrite Akiro playing with the feather stick, this time his sister Georgina is trying to play too, but he isn't sharing. The feather toy is his! Then he does let her have a little bit of a go and then it is all his again. As you can see near the end there is no way he is going to let go!

Georgina looks so cute waiting patiently for a turn. Georgina reminds me so much of Gemini and Boo Boo as kittens, you can really see the family resemblance. I love her little white front feet, they are so cute.

You can hear Gemini purring in the background and Andy was trying to keep the camera still because she kept nudging him!

(Video @ 7 weeks old)


  1. Hey - these male things - they are just SO undignified - here I am - waiting for a turn - and I'm just not getting one - its just SO unfair!

    What a brilliant video - doesn't Akiro love the feather toy - and poor Georgina - she is so prim - she doesn't want to get involved.

    Absolutely brilliant - I love them all! xx

  2. Thanks Lesley, they are so very funny. Georgina is so good waiting for her turn.
    There isn't much left of the feather toy! We have moved on to a foil one now xx