Sunday 9 August 2009

Gemini & Phoenix babies - Introducing Alexandrite Georgina

Introducing:- Alexandrite Georgina is a Brown Tortie and White Tabby, and did I mention absolutely beautiful! She reminds me of Gemini, her mum at this age and just as gorgeous. Her colouring is so delicate, with little patches or flames of golden red. I think the mix of her golden Dad and tortie Mum has worked to produce such a beautiful pattern and she is developing lovely green eyes too. Georgina has a cheeky look and nature and is definitely like her mum has plenty to say.

I think Alexandrite Georgina has potential for both show and breeding (again I am just registering interest in her at the moment)

And of course she is rightly named after my brilliant young niece Georgina, who is going through a I don't want to be a gorgeous red stage! But with the flame patches on Alexandrite Georgina how could I not call her after my niece, I always promised her when we had our first Tortie she would be called Georgina. And if we ever have a red boy, he would have to be called George!

Alexandrite Georgina @ 6 weeks

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  1. What a gorgeous chunky girl! She is going to blow the judges away with her good looks :-) I wish I had room for one more ;-)